BA Acting

BA Acting


The BA in Acting–International Performance Ensemble (I.P.E.) major in the Pace School of Performing Arts is based on creative strategies for students to grow artistically and become first-rate performers. This is a one-of-a-kind BA theater program in the U.S. that trains the student in the development of an ensemble theater company. It also provides the young actor with the opportunity to tour nationally and internationally as part of exchange programs with companies and artists from all over the world.* The first three years are dedicated to developing and performing devised projects through collaborative creation of theatrical pieces under the mentorship of established American and international theater professionals. Through this process, students are trained in the technique of ensemble work incorporating devised performance, design, movement, and text. The senior year will concentrate on each student’s artistic goal in order to create a successful and fulfilling career. The BA Acting major also offers a strong liberal arts component that helps nurtures well-rounded young artists whose goals are to enter the professional industry or continue on to graduate school.

*Course travel fee applies.

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