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Isaac Anderson — @isaacwand

Isaac Anderson is a professionally trained NYC based Actor, Playwright, Singer and Deviser. As a creator he is inspired by works that explore and question existence by using creative and innovative storytelling similar to the likes of Charles Kaufman and Paul Thomas Anderson. As an actor he has played a wide range of roles, from the innocent friend to a drug fueled rockstar and damaged villain.


Ryan Beaghler — @ryanbeaghler

Ryan Beaghler is a theatre artist and natural disaster in training. They aspire to be a category 4 hurricane, but are willing to settle for being a quiet rural tornado. They strive to make work as a performer and writer that vindictively begs the question “Who the hell cares?” Pop quiz: How does dysphoric nihilism give way to barbaric euphoria? Don't know? Neither does Ryan, but they'd like to find out. Some credits include being born, staying born, and one day being unborn but still living on.


Anastasia Beliakova — @anastasiabeliakova

Anastasia Beliakova is a Moscow-born, New York-based actress, theatre creator, and vocalist. As the creator of a wide variety of work, Beliakova is a chameleon - effortlessly transitioning from a ditzy, girlie persona to a highly stylized, pointed, and classy image. 

As an actor, she is drawn to characters in stories that are spontaneous and filled with passion - even if they don’t have everything figured out just yet. Someone charming, naive, who covers an arduous distance of growth by the time their story is finished.

As a theatre-maker, she strives to create feminist work that explores societal violence and dissects the universal truths of human connection. Dedicated to finding strength in fragility, Beliakova embraces manipulation of the body through expressive movement and alteration of the human voice with technology.


Tori Budden — @tori.budden

Tori Budden is a New York-based producer, writer, and act. She is drawn to creating work that is unique and groundbreaking, often focusing on the disillusionment of reality, and that experiments with cross platforms. As an actor, she plays a range of roles from the sweet girl next door to the gritty unapologetic laborer. As a producer and writer, I create invigorating work that is unique and groundbreaking, often focusing on the disillusionment of reality, and that experiments with cross platforms.


Zach Carter— @ZachCarter1

Zach Carter is a non-union theatre actor based in New York. Originally from Connecticut, Zach moved to New York to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting with a focus in devised/experimental theatre from Pace University. With his loud, off-beat yet musical style, Zach specializes in making people laugh 'til it turns into an unhealthy habit. As an actor, Zach is known as a clumsy, confident sidekick with maybe a secret up his butt or even a part-time, ambitious slacker.


Quinn Corcoran — @quinn.corcoran

Quinn Corcoran is a New York based actor/writer. Quinn contributes an ever-present curiosity to explore characters of high drama and low-brow farce. With a passion for play,
Quinn loves to engage audiences through music, movement, and puppetry. He is a blossoming writer, having recently completed his first full-length play Lessons In America. He brings with him to every project a strong musicanship (he plays the piano and is a growing songwriter!). On stage and screen you may see him as the sweet boy-next-door with a hidden dangerous side or as the driven intellectual--someone with the dichotomy of a sleeping volcano.


Erin DiIorio — @erin_diiorio

Erin DiIorio (EH-rin dee-OR-ee-oh) was born and raised in central Jersey, but is currently based in NYC. Drawn to tales of danger, dark humor, and love in all the wrong places, DiIorio creates and performs richly textured stories of the unique and uncanny, influenced by an amalgamation of mediums ranging from comic books to stop-motion animation to classical text. Of her work, DiIorio says, "I value independence and find beautiful melancholy in the intricacies of my experiences. I make my own rules, and embody a kind of neo-realism through which my intuition proves to be my guide. People don't always understand the method to my madness, but they do recognize and uphold their trust in my efficacy." She is executive director and founding member of the devised theatre ensemble Alcohol, Honey, & Shit.


Michael Elliott — @MichaelElliottActor

Michael Elliott is a professionally trained Actor, Photographer, Film Maker, Writer, and Theater Maker based out of NYC. In all of his artistic endeavors Michael attempts to develop a sense of realism, originality, and consistency of voice. He is inspired by the actors Donald Glover, Paul Dano, Audrey Plaza, and Lakeith Stanfield, as well as the artists Simone Bramante, Heironymus Bosch, and Hiro Murai. As an actor Michael enjoys playing questionable characters, well meaning villains, and polarizing heroes.


Nick Mayfield— @nickdemay

Nick Mayfield is a Dallas-born, NYC-based actor and theatremaker with a passion for fun, physically-based work that invests in the always-essential actor/audience contract, often through a Queer lens. As an actor, he is easily castable in roles such as creative sensitive artists, supportive boyfriends, the young intern at a tech startup with something a little “off” about him. As a theatremaker, he works to create exciting original work, often using the pedagogy behind Clown, Mime, and Commedia dell ‘Arte. He has trained internationally (Commedia in Italy, Dance in Thailand, Shakespeare in London), and is a company member with Ragtag Theatre Company and Sitting Shotgun.


Rob Milano — @RobMilanoNYC

Rob is an actor, composer, and writer from New York. He was a pet of Pace University’s BA International Performance Ensemble where he created work that was performed in Manhattan as well as at festivals in Romania and Bulgaria. He loves Shakespeare and Sondheim and is currently working on various music projects including his own songs and musicals. Valuing friendship, family, and a good tune this musical storyteller wants to find new ways to feel at home in the stories, characters, and songs he brings to life.


Lauren Rinn— @hazelarrow

Lauren Lillian Rinn is a professionally trained New York based actress. She is currently completing her B.A degree in International Performance Ensemble Acting. This past summer she traveled abroad to Bulgaria, Romania and Poland to pursue International styles of acting and to present two original works “Myself and Rocking Horse Hot Dog” that was brought to the Sibiu festival In Romania as well as performed in Varna, Bulgaria. She currently starred in and created FX makeup work for an original immersive show at The Escape Room in Bridgewater New Jersey titled “No Visitors beyond This Point.” When she isn’t taking on a role or lending her hands to costume and makeup Lauren likes to sit back with some black tea, the Narnia instrumental soundtrack and munch on some yummy vegetarian cuisine. This hard working no bullshit gal is always ready to jump into a role! Her knowledge of acting, costumes and makeup makes her a well-rounded costar and collaborator.


Remi Segal — @remi.segal

Remi Segal is an NYC based actor originally from Philadelphia, PA. She has had training in acting, singing, and devised theater. She is most passionate about giving a voice to the marginalized groups around the world who don’t have a voice, and specifically wants to tell stories about women. Remi is inspired by film, television, and theater that depicts the realities all types of women face everyday. She would like to dedicate this performance to her father, Howard Segal. May he Rest In Peace.


Lauren Wohlmacher — @laurenwohlmacher

Lauren Wohlmacher is a professionally trained New York based actor and theatre maker.  As an actor, Lauren is typically drawn to introverted characters who have a sweet disposition, but are also underestimated leaders. She is a curious dreamer who loves to make people laugh. Following her interest in comedy, she founded Pace Sketch Comedy Group and served as president for two years. As a collaborative theatre artist, she enjoys creating ensemble-based pieces that delve into the complexities of the human condition. While exploring the darker side of reality, she also strives to incorporate the natural humor that is often discovered in the creative process into her work.