Marty Keiser

Vocal Production - Acting Shakespeare - Introduction to Theatre

Marty Keiser is a professional actor, writer, director and theatre artist living in New York City for 14 years. He has film, TV, multi-media and stage credits including The Metropolitan Opera (most recently as a principal guest artist as a member of the clown troupe in Pagliacci), ESPN, The David Letterman Show, Classic Stage Company, National and International tours, and as a company member of Performance Lab 115. Marty has been teaching for over 17 years including the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, the Play Group Theatre in White Plains, the Summer Theatre Institute at Columbia University, the Bubs Foundation’s Be the Music Program and originally as a Director and Swim Instructor at the JCC Camps in his hometown of Medford, NJ. Marty graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from Columbia University and BAs in Theatre and Psychology from Tufts University. Classes instructed at Pace University include Vocal Production 1 and 2, Acting Shakespeare (also created the course), and currently Introduction to Theatre. His article “Acting Without Words: A brief history of silent performance from the Greeks to Beckett” was published in METHODS, a Pace University Press Theatre Journal.