Pace New Musicals

Pace New Musicals

The mission of Pace New Musicals is to nurture the development of new musicals by emerging and established musical theater writers in an academic environment. The development of new work is pedagogically aligned with our training of the next generation of musical theater artists and we are committed to lifting up underrepresented writers and stories. Pace New Musicals is a professionally directed, semi-staged with “book in hand” workshop using the students of the Pace Performing Arts BFA Musical Theater program in New York City. The selected show will receive a 2-3 week rehearsal process in January that will culminate in 6 performances that are open to the public.  The ideal show is in the final stages of development.

Pace New Musicals is proud of to have presented the following works:

2007: College by Drew Fornarola and Scott Elmgreen

2008: Luck by Brad Ross and Mark Waldrop

2009: Darling by Ryan Scott Oliver and Brett Ryback

2010: Quanah by Larry Gatlin and Tony Dodge

2011: Factory Girls by Creighton Irons, Sean Mahoney, and Maggie-Kate Coleman

2012: A Lasting Impression by Zoe Sarnak

2013: Jasper in Deadland by Ryan Scott Oliver / I Capture the Castle by Cara Reichel, Peter Foley and Marion
Adler / Make Me Bad (PNM Lab) by Drew Gasparini and Alex Brightman

2014: Little Miss Fix-It by Kirsten Guenther and Joe Son / We Foxes (PNM Lab) by Ryan Scott Oliver / Confirmed (PNM Lab) by Will Sasso and Kailey Marshall / The Stephen Schwartz Project

2015: Great Wall by Kevin So and Kevin Merritt / The Danger Year (PNM Lab) by Georgia Stitt / Esaura (PNM Lab) by John Bucchino and Mads Neilsen / Elise (PNM Lab) by Jamen Nanthakumar and Liana Wright-Mark / Songs for Slutty Girls (PNM Lab) by Kailey Marshall / An Untitled Devised Work (PNM Lab) by Joel Waggoner

2016: Rope by Ryan Scott Oliver / Privilege (PNM Lab) by Billy Goldstein, Emily Dallas and Daniel Yearwood

2017: Nikola Tesla Drops the Beat by Nikko Resla and Ben Halstead / Murder at the Gates (PNM Lab) by Steven Sater

2018: Mary & Max by Bobby Cronin and Crystal Skillman / Halona and Ophelia (PNM Lab) by Hanako Greensmith and Sandra Okuboyejo

2019: Pete(her) Pan by Douglas Lyons and Melvin Tunstall III / Songs for Slutty Girls (PNM Lab) by Kailey Marshall




Submissions open on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 and close Sunday, November 10, 2019

●      A brief synopsis as a single PDF document - including time period and the number of scene locations.

●      A detailed character breakdown as a single PDF document - including vocal parts, casting requirements, etc.

●      A complete piano-vocal of your score as a single PDF document.

●      A complete script/libretto as a single PDF document.

●      Audio or video recordings of 3-5 songs that show the variety and range of the score. Please send 3-5 songs only.

●      Contact information for each composer, lyricist & book writer.

●      Details on previous stages of development.

●      Please note if there is a director, choreographer or music director attached.

●   If the submission does not follow our requirement format, it will not be considered for selection by our committee.


●      You will be notified about your submission in late November.

●      It is preferred that you submit your material as soon as possible as it gives our selection committee more time to review your submission properly.

●      Please include copyright clearances if they are necessary. 

●      If the piece is currently under option, please submit a letter from the option holder giving permission for entry.

●      Writers should be available for all auditions and throughout the rehearsal process if possible.

●      If selected, your show will be performed by students of the Pace Performing Arts BFA Musical Theatre Program. No outside actors will be allowed to participate.



Cast auditions will be held the week of December 9, 2019. Rehearsals will begin on January 10, 2020. Run dates: Jan 29, 2020 - Feb 2, 2020 (six shows starting Jan 29).