BFA in Commercial Dance Showcase (2020)

Welcome to Family, Friends, and Industry Professionals. We’re very excited and grateful that you’re here to help us celebrate the major accomplishments of these Dancers. In what remains an unprecedented time, these young people have risen above some of the most formidable challenges they or anyone have ever faced, and they did it with style and grace. We’re in awe of their determination and resiliency, and most importantly, their growth as artists these last four years.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we present to you

Pace Performing Arts School
Commercial Dance BFA
Graduating Class of 2020




Parker Aimone

Andrew Mulet

Adelle Johnson

Jakob Karr

Alexis Gould

Chip Abbott

Dylan Kevitch 

Dana Foglia 

Summer Stolle

Justin Giles

Vernon Brooks 

Vernon Brooks

Melanie Spilatore 

Fosse (Liz Parkinson restaged)

Stacey Woolnough

Brian Raymond 

Chris Critelli

Matt Cady

Brittany Podolski

Liana Blackburn

Donna April

Tyler Hanes

Alexia Belrose

Joshua Bergasse

2020 Showcase Students