Directing, BA Spotlight

Directing, BA

Director Spotlight 2021


The BA Directing International Performance Ensemble (IPE) program encourages directors to discover their own artistic voice and trains them to be versatile, dynamic collaborators. Directors work with scripted material and devise new work. The Director Spotlight is the culmination of artistic development and academic study for the graduating directors. In 2021, due to the pandemic, students investigated what it means to direct theater on film, innovating and exploding traditional theatrical boundaries.

Join us for the premiere on April 23 at 7pm. The shows will also be available to watch anytime on April 24th and 25th.

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El Yunque In English
Written by Nelson Diaz-Marcano
☆ Directed by Ricardo Delgado Garcés
Performed by Pascal Arquimedes
Sound Design by Hunter Francisco

Helen Mirren Takes A Day Off
Written by Alex Lin
☆ Directed by Michelle Chan
Performed by Lilian Rebelo

You're Working The Checkout At Wegmans
Written by Christian St. Croix
☆ Directed by Mark Thomas Johnson
Performed by Emily Conlon

A Drag Queen Scorned: Sylvia Rivera
Written by Diana Burbano
☆ Directed by Turner Messer
Performed by Cherrye J. Davis

Production Team

Gabriel Shanks, Spotlight Producer
Catalin Stelian, Director of Photography/Editor
Turner Barger, Spotlight Production Manager

The Director Spotlight is produced in partnership with The Drama League, the nation’s only full-time, life-long artistic home for stage directors.

Special Thanks

Catalin Media, SharpLeft Media, Diana Barbano, Christian St. Croix, Nelson Diaz-Marcano, Alex Lin, Nilan, Ali Skye Bennett, Laurie Kindred